Below is information regarding the Clubs at Nathan Hale School for the 2022/23 School year. Information about clubs/activities and permission slips are given to all students by the teachers sponsoring the club.

Ambassador club – 3rd-6th – (fall through spring)

This is a yearlong club supporting PBIS and service learning for Nathan Hale School.

Art Club – 5th and 6th grade

Students will be expanding their art skills by using new materials and techniques such as weaving, metal working and printmaking.

Club Unify – 4th-6th grade (fall – spring)

Club Unify brings together students with special needs and general education students to form inclusive friendships while working together as leaders and participants in different activities.

District Battle of the Books – 5th and 6th grade (Fall through spring)

This is a club for students who love to read.  Each team receives a list of books of various levels and categories from our school’s library to prepare for the District “Battle”.

Drama club – 5th/6th (September-november)

This is a club for students who love to perform.  They will be working on short plays and showcase their hard work with a final performance.

Garden Club – (2 sessions – fall through spring)

Students will be tending to school grounds, planting and harvesting vegetables.

Guitar Club – 4th, 5th and 6th grade

Students will learn basic guitar skills, introduction to music theory and learn songs.

Math Olympiad – 5th and 6th grade advance math students (fall through spring)

The goals for this club are for students to develop enthusiasm for problem solving and mathematics, deepen understanding of mathematical concepts and strengthen ability to use these concepts plus build a stronger foundation for assessments and for future mathematics studies.

Ooey Gooey Science Club – 1st and 2nd grade – (various sessions throughout the school year)

Students will do a variety of hands on science experiments.  Due to the popularity of this club students will be selected on a lottery basis.

Production Club – 5th and 6th grade (september – november)

Students will produce morning announcements that are telecasted over the Hale server.

Safety Patrols – 6th grade (all school year)

The patrols support the safety of students during arrival and dismissal.

yearbook club – 5th/6th grade (fall-spring)

Students will design and build the school yearbook.