2023-24 Clubs

First Grade

Ooey Gooey Science Club – first grade (4 Sessions)

Mondays – all Sessions are finished

Session 1: October-november

Session 2: November-December

Session 3:  January-February

session 4: February-March


Students will do a variety of hands-on science experiments.  Due to the popularity of this club students will be selected on a lottery basis.

Sponsors: Mrs. Kehl

1st – 6th Grades

Pokemon Trading card game – 1st-6th grades

Tuesdays, October-March – CLUb is finished

Meeting Dates: Group 1 – October 10, 24, 2023; November 7, 2023; December 5 & 12, 2023; January 9 & 23, 2024; February 6 & 20, 2024; March 5, 2024

Meeting Dates: Group 2 – October 10, 2023; November 14 & 28, 2023; December 12, 2023; January 16 & 30, 2024; February 13 & 27, 2024; March 12, 2024

What is a Pokemon? What is a TCG? The Pokemon Trading Card Game is a collectible card game developed by Creatures Inc. based on the Pokemon franchise.  A collectible card game, also called a trading card game (TCG) is a type of card game that mixes strategic deck building elements with features of trading card.  This club will meet Tuesdays during the recess portion of lunch every other week. If your child does not have any Pokemon cards, not to worry, the sponsor of this club was able to secure multiple Pokemon cards for students to use. 

Sponsors: Mr. Siemieniec


Friendship Club – 1st-6th Grade

Thursdays- fINISHED


In this club your child will participate in playing games and doing crafts with friends. We are looking forward to helping your child build communication skills, create meaningful friendships, learn how to play a variety of games, and even work on OT skills during our craft time. We will be meeting on certain Thursdays after school from 3:00-4:00 pm.

Sponsors: Mrs. Kwiatowski, Ms. Smola, Ms. Reilly & Mr. Hewitt

Second Grade

Yoga Club – 2nd Grade



Students will learn a variety of yoga poses and learn about meditation and calming our bodies. 

Sponsor: Ms. Stears

3rd & 4th Grades

Fit N’ Fun Club – 3rd/4th Grade

Spring Club – april 2 – 30, 2024 – fINISHED

male and female students sitting on scooters in the gym

Hale’s Fit N’ Fun Club sessions will consist of various exercises and fitness activities.

Sponsors: Ms.Matustik & Mr. Bykerk


Math Magic Club – 3rd/4th Grade 

thursdays, April – May – FINISHED


3rd or 4th grade student who love having math fun with games, puzzles, escape rooms, and discovering the wonderful world of numbers can enjoy making magic with other friends by playing, exploring and solving math mysteries.

Sponsor: Mrs. Pierini

3rd – 6th Grades 

Ambassador Club – 3rd-6th Grades

club is finished


This is a year long club supporting PBIS and service learning for Nathan Hale School.

Sponsors: Ms.Greco, Mrs. Fagan, Mrs. Collins


Battle of the books – 3rd-6th



Battle of the Books – 3rd/4th 

Meeting Dates: November 14 & 28, 2023; December 12, 2023; January 30, 2024; February 13, 2024; March 12, 2024

Each student will read 12 books (that are chosen by the District) between November and the end of March.  Most reading will be on the student’s own time, you will also participate in writing and answering questions about the books you read. In April the Hale team will compete against other schools in District 54 to see who knows the books best.

District Battle of the Books – 5th/6th

Meeting Dates: November 14 & 28, 2023; December 12, 2023; January 30, 2024; February 13 & 27, 2024; March 12, 2024

This is a club for students who love to read.  Each team receives a list of books of various levels and categories from our school’s library to prepare for the District “Battle”.

Sponsor: Mr.Siemieniec

DRAMA CLUB –  3rd-4th Grade


“LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACT”– 2 Sessions – Fall & Spring

Are you a 3rd or 4th Grader? Have you always wanted to act? Then we have the club for you! Now Showing: Your Creative Outlet! Lights, Camera, ACT! is a drama club for anyone interested in learning more about acting. We will explore different techniques of acting throughout the Spring as we put on our own play! If you are already part of another club that meets on Tuesdays, we will unfortunately be unable to accept you into Drama Club.

This club is meeting in person after school Thursdays from 3:05-4:00pm. You must have a way of getting home after the club. There is no transportation provided by the school for after school clubs. 

Sponsors: Ms. Bellie & Ms. Katselis

GEMS – 3rd/4th Grade Girls

thursdays 3:00 – 4:00 PM – FINISHED


Are you a 3rd or 4th grade girl? Do science experiments, STEM projects, or math interest you? Do you want to work with others to figure out solutions to problems? Then GEMS is the club for you! GEMS is a club that encourages girls to explore different areas and careers related to STEAM. We will explore different projects that use engineering and math in a variety of STEAM challenges!

Sponsor: Ms. Bellie

4th – 6th grades

Garden Club – 4th-6th (2 sessions-fall and spring) 

Thursdays, march-May – cLUB IS FINISHED

Students will be tending to school grounds, planting and harvesting vegetables.

Sponsors: Mrs. Chimis and Mrs. LaSalvia


Math Olympiad – 5th and 6th grade Advanced Math Students

Tuesdays, November – March – club is finished


This club is a competition with math students form all around the world. The goals for this club are for students to develop enthusiasm for problem solving and mathematics, deepen understanding of mathematical concepts and strengthen ability to use these concepts plus build a stronger foundation for assessments and for future mathematics studies. This club is open to 5th/6th grade advanced placement math students by invite only.

Sponsors: Mrs. Carlson

5th grade

ART CLUB – 5th Grade 



Mrs. Mangano invites you to join the 5th grade art club where you will learn how to be a master of weaving!  If you are interested, please fill out the bottom portion of this form and return it to Mrs. Mangano ASAP.  Space is limited and students will be able to participate on a first come first serve basis.  

Art club will take place during your recess time.  You will return to your classroom to eat with your class.  Please understand that this club will take place of your recess and you will be required to come each Monday that you are at school.

Sponsor: Mrs.Amy Mangano

5th & 6th grades

CHAIN REACTION CLUB – 5th/6th grade

club is finished


Do you love solving problems?  Can you think of creative ways to use random objects?  Chain Reaction Club might be for you!Chain Reaction is a club that designs a “complicated” machine to make something simple happen. It culminates with a district-wide competition on February 24, 2024 at Hoffman Estates High School. This year’s theme is: “Make a Goal”

Sponsor: Mrs. Schouten

coding club

Tuesdays during lunch time – fINISHED


Coding is what makes it possible for us to creat computer software, apps and websites. Your browser, you OS, the apps on your phone, Meta and websites – they’re all made with code.  Interested students will use computer science to simulaate extreme sports, make their own commercial, and creat commentary for a sporting event. In addition to the work session at Hale, students will be able to code from home.

Sponsor: Mr. Siemieniec

CLUB UNIFY 5th-6th Grade

Mondays 3:00-4:00 PM

Meeting Dates: October 16 & 30, 2023; November 13 & 27, 2023; December 11, 2023; January 15 & 29, 2024; February 12 & 26, 2024; March 11, 2024; April 8 & 22, 2024; May 6, 2024

Club Unify brings together students with special needs and general education students in fun games and social activities.  The goal of Club Unify is to provide a worthwhile learning experience for all students while fostering friendships and appropriate social interaction.  Positive encouragement, teamwork, and helpfulness will be our main focus. This club will end with a sports day at the Schaumburg Sports Complex on May 10, 2024.  

Sponsors: Mrs. Vancura, Mrs. Furgat, Mrs. Goranson

Guitar Club – 5th/6th Grade Students

Club is finished


Guitar club offers students a fun place to learn some basics, play, share and experience this beautiful and versatile instrument.  Experienced player or complete beginner.

Sponsor: Mr. Kelly

production studio – 5th/6th grades

Monday mornings and Friday lunchtime- FINISHED


This club is for responsible 5th & 6th grade students who have an interest in public speaking and technology.  Students who join the Production Club will learn how to run audio and video equipment such as iPads, Microphones and Digital Video Production Apps.  Production club will be held before school on Monday from 8:00 Am to 8:30 AM and during lunch recess on Fridays form 12:00 – 12:45 PM.  Students can attend either or both sessions.

Sponsor: Mr. Siemieniec

rocketry club

thursday, February-april- fINISHED


Learn about how rockets are designed, created and launched.  Students will participate in a variety of activities leading up to a final rocket design, construction project and launch of their very own rocket at a special District-wide event in May. Rocket Launch is May 13, 2024 at Olympic Park in Schaumburg.

Sponsors: Mr. Kelly & Mrs. Koch

sign language club

Club is finished


Sign Language club students will learn the sign language alphabet, common words for daily use, numbers, colors, animals, sports and much, much, much more…

Sponsor: Mr. Chris Kelly

Yearbook Club – 5th/6th grades

Monday, finished


The Yearbook Club is for 5th/6th Grade students to help with designing and editing the school yearbook.  This club will be held on select Mondays from November through April after school from 3-4:00 PM.  Due to the popularity of this club, students will be taken on a lottery system.  Students will be notified by letter by November 1, 2023 if the have been selected.

Sponsors: Mrs. Furgat or Mrs. Vancura

6th Grade

PATROLS – 6th Grade 

every day, august-june


School safety patrols help keep their fellow students safe, by guiding them to the proper buses in and out of the building. They also serve as role models for younger children and guide student’s to their classrooms. 

Sponsors: Mrs. Fagan & Ms. Bellie

Students in Shadow’s Cafe had a productive year

selling the teachers bagels, coffee and fruit.

                                                   students and staff standing behind a counter with bagels and donuts.








Hale’s Chain Reaction Club showcased their creative machine,

built using everyday objects, in the District 54 competition.

multiple students and teacher showcase their creative machine built using everday objects