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Room 104 helps raise awareness during Diabetes Week
Autism Resource Center - Housed in Hale School
Dooley Dragon shares Happiness with the Hale Students
Student Ambassadors make a difference at Hale
District 54 Board Member reads to Kindergarten Students - Read for the Record
book cover for maybe something beautiful
Student in Hale's Makerspace create in the Cardboard Challenge
Dooley Staff spreads warm cheer with the Hale Staff

Social Media at Hale

Social Media at Hale


Facebook Nathan Hale Elementary School

Hale Twitter Account

Hale Instagram


Mrs. Fagan – Kindergarten Room 113

Mrs. Fagan’s Facebook

Mrs. Fagan’s Instagram

Ms. Molaro – Kindergarten Room 114

Miss Molaro’s Facebook

3rd/4th Grade

Mrs. Beaty – 3rd/4th grade Room 209

Mrs. Beaty’s Twitter

Mrs. Beaty’s Instagram

Mrs. Smith – 3rd/4th grade Room 210

Mrs Smith’s Facebook

Mrs. Smith’s Instagram

Ms. Ostrowski – 3rd/4th grade Room 211

Ms. Ostrowski’s Instagram

Ms. Netzel – 3rd/4th grade Room 213 

Ms. Netzel’s Facebook

Ms. Netzel’s Twitter 

Ms. Netzel’s Instagram

Mrs. Swingle – 3rd/4th grade Room 214

Mrs. Swingle’s Twitter

Mrs. Swingle’s Instagram

5th/6th Grade

Ms. Bellie – 5th/6th grade Room 201

Ms. Bellie’s Twitter

Ms. Bellie’s Instagram

Mrs. Bulger – 5th/6th grade Room 205

Mrs. Bulger’s Twitter

Mrs. Bulger’s Instagram

Mrs. Bouchard – 5th/6th grade Room 203

Mrs. Bouchard’s Twitter

Mrs. Bouchard’s Instagram

ASD Classrooms

Ms. Simpson – ASD Teacher Room 101 

Ms. Simpson’s Twitter

Ms. Ghilarducci – ASD teacher Room 102

Ms. Ghilarducci’s Twitter

Mrs. Clark – Literacy Teacher

Mrs. Clark’s Twitter

Mrs. Clark’s Instagram

Hale Library

Hale Library Twitter

Hale Library Instagram

Mr. Kaszewicz – Principal

Mr. Kaszewicz’s Twitter

Mr. Wroblewski – Assistant Principal 

Mr. Wroblewski’s Twitter

Mr. Wroblewski’s Instagram