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Sharing games, taking turns and making new friends - Game Day
Celebrating being a Star Student with Hale's Mascot Shadow
Autism Resource Center - Housed in Hale School
Garden Club harvesting zucchini for the local food pantry
Serving up snacks to the Hale Staff
Hats off to the Cubs and Sox - Hale Spirit Day

Social Media

Parent—“How was your day today?”


Parent—“What did you do all day?”

Child—“I don’t know.”

If this conversation sound familiar, now you can have a look into Hale. Social media creates a window for families to see what is happening in our school and in the classrooms. Below you will find a list of staff members and their social media handles. Please consider joining some of these platforms if you are not already a social media user. It is a great way to see things going on in the building and using that as a conversation starter around the dinner table.

Hale: Facebook: Nathan Hale Elementary School

Twitter and Instagram: Halewolves54 and @the_hale_den

Mrs. Beaty: Twitter and Instagram: @mrsbeatyhale

Mrs. Smith: Facebook: Mrs. Smith’s Class Hale School and Twitter: @mrssmithsclasshale

Mrs. Swingle: Twitter and Instagram: @mrsswingle54

Mrs. Fagan: Facebook: Mrs. Fagan’s Class and Instagram: mrsfagansclass

Ms. Molaro: Facebook: Miss Molaro’s Class

Mrs. Potesta: Twitter: @mrspotestaskinders!

Ms. Netzel: Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @msnetzelhale

Ms. Bellie: Twitter: msbellie54 and Instagram: funinroom201

Ms. Simpson: Twitter as @simpsonhale54

Mrs. Clark: Twitter and Instagram: @MrsClarkHale

Mrs. Bulger: Twitter: @BulgerHale and Instagram: Mrs.BulgerHale

Mrs. Bouchard: Twitter and Instagram: MrsBouchardHale

Hale Library: Twitter: @LibraryHale and Instagram: HaleLibrary

Mr. Kaszewicz: Twitter: @BKaszewicz54

Mr. Wroblewski: Twitter: @wroblewski54 and Instagram: bobwroblewski54